Fly Fishing photo

I struggled how to work this image into a blog post about fly fishing for the past couple of weeks. Then it hit me…The caption contest. I mean, how could I not post this gem of a restroom sign? I found it while shooting a web story for F&S about stocking the high altitude lakes with airplanes (story forthcoming). I figure the bathroom was in a Department of Wildlife airplane hanger, and the pilot was stocking fish, so yeah – I can post it on a fly fishing blog. Right?


I know we never announced the winner of the last caption contest for the Petzl headlamp, but let’s give this one a week, plus a couple of days and I’ll announce the winners together. You know the drill. Pretend like you’re writing a caption for the image above. Preferably funny and relatively clean. We’ll pick a winner. This week’s winner will receive a multi-functional headwear piece called a “Buff”. Basically an option for those who can’t stand wearing sunscreen. Click here to check them out. Good luck.