What Flips Your Fear Switch?
What Flips Your Fear Switch?


The Swine Flu conversation got me thinking about the various things that put a twinge of fear in me when I travel and fish. No doubt, viruses and microorganizms are near the top of the list, if only because the consequences of an encounter can be uncomfortable, if not dire. There’s something inherently scary about facing a threat you cannot completely control, especially when you cannot see it.

But, on the other hand, what’s a real adventure minus feeling a bit out of your element?

Hooking a shark of any size–or any toothy critter for that matter–keeps you on your toes, especially when you get up close and personal. Bumping into bears and moose on the river inevitably makes the hairs on my neck stand up (I’m way more frightened when I see Bullwinkle than when I see a bear). There have been some bumpy boat and airplane rides (I detest the latter)… been dish-ragged through whitewater rapids, which can be downright pertrifying…

Snakes? Can’t stand them. Nothing worse than surprising a rattler near the water; with a wet rattle, he can’t give you a proper warning. Spiders and scorpions? Creepy, but not that scary to me.

What Flips Your Fear Switch?


For me, one thing tops the fear list: Lightning in the high country. And here’s why. Photo left was taken by my buddy Whit Hunter after a close brush with a bolt… everyone is okay.

Of course, driving to and from the water is probably the greatest real danger.

What tops your list?