PGD in Waders

I’m posting late today because we had to wait for the UPS man to arrive. You see, today is a very big day in the Deeter household. My son, Paul, is 8 years old (he’ll be 9 in September)… and he just got his first very own pair of size 3 waders.

I remember when my dad popped me in my first waders. It was like having an extra birthday that year. I don’t know who is more excited about this latest rite of passage, Paul or me.

So tomorrow, my wife, son, and I will be shoving off on a long drive to Michigan. I will spend the next few weeks taking it easy, doing some writing, going to the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America conference in Grand Rapids, and tackling a couple “Going Deep” assignments for the magazine (scuba diving with walleye and pike).

But I’ve given myself the best assignment of all. I’m going to teach my son how to fly fish, on the same water where I did much of my own learning. Of course, we’ve dabbled since he was a sprite… had him on my shoulders in the river when he was a toddler… did the worm and bobber thing at the trout pond… and have been ironing out that crazy cast with the “really long fishing pole” for a few months. But now we’re going to put the whole thing together, knee-deep in the river.

Wish us luck. He’s ready. I hope I am up to the challenge… hope the little guy picks up a trick or two (and not my bad habits). We’ve spent a lot of time lately on Fly Talk sharing tips and tricks for you all… now, any advice you can shoot back my way regarding starting a little one in the river would be most appreciated.

Most of all, here’s wishing all you dads (and sons) out there an early Happy Father’s Day, and hoping you get to spend some quality time on the river together.