Trout Fishing photo

Do you have a favorite “Cinderella” trout river?

By Cinderella, I mean the overlooked, often under-appreciated, stepsister that’s overshadowed by the nearby famous river. While most anglers heap their appreciation on the main attraction, I’ve often found that the Cinderella rivers, as in the fairy tale, turn out the be the belles of the ball.

For me, Cinderella number one has to be the Animas River in southwestern Colorado. You can stack in with the other anglers on the San Juan below Navajo Dam in New Mexico (and don’t get me wrong, I love fishing the Juan…), but I’d just as soon pop in the Animas behind the shopping center in downtown Durango and throw ants and beetles at fat, wild brown trout.

There are several others that come to mind…

Everyone is goo-goo about the West Branch of the Delaware. I dig the East Branch too.

Sandwiched between the famous Madison and Yellowstone Rivers in southwestern Montana is another favorite–the Gallatin.

People come from all over to fish Colorado’s Roaring Fork, and forget about the Crystal. Same is true with the Colorado and the less-heralded Eagle.

Silver Creek in Idaho is special, but the Big Wood is also.

Sometimes, the “Cinderella” water isn’t a different river, but a different section of the same water, usually downstream: Below 13-mile on the Bighorn… the “C” Section of the Green… and my favorite Colorado River floats are downstream from Glenwood, toward Silt.

I know, I know… I’m spilling the beans. So what? I think the more people spread out and explore new water, the better the experience becomes. Maybe the “superstar” rivers could realize a little relief if the stepsisters got more of the glory. Just a thought…

What say you? Do you have a Cinderella story to share?