One of the great things about fishing in the Internet age is being able to access information like stream reports quickly. That’s also one of the bad things about fishing in the Internet age… some of that quick information you get is garbage.

On the one hand, if I want to know what the flow is, and what flies are working on the Yellowstone River right now, it takes all of five minutes to Google up some results and get a gaggle of info. On the other hand, I’m not always sure how honest and insightful the info is… sometimes it’s hard to check those sources.

Here’s a website that’s worth checking out: The Orvis River Report website. From what I can tell, the site does a very respectable job of providing current and reliable information on over 130 major trout rivers throughout the country. (An oft-attempted, seldom accomplished holy grail of fly fishing reporting that Orvis’ dealer network has the bandwidth to pull off…)

Check your home water, and tell us if they’re on the money or not.

There’s nothing worse than the souped-up river fantasy report from a shop trying to hook some quick business… “man the hatch is ON, the fishing is going OFF”… and you get there to find the river blown out by rain, no bugs… Got me once, lyin’ fly shop guy, but your credibility is shot, and you’ll never see me buy so much as a spool of tippet from you again.

That ever happen to you?