I found this little bit of film from Nick Clement and Reel Escape Films the other day poking around on Vimeo and decided this is the perfect day to play it. It’s called In the Land of the Cutthroats and is shot exclusively in the mountains of Colorado. Many of the spots in this film I know intimately and fish on a regular basis. They are some of my favorite places to visit.

In the Land of the Cutthroats – Trailer from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

As most of you know our friend Charlie Meyers (outdoors editor at the Denver Post)passed away Tuesday night. While I have no amazing slideshow of Charlie nor the words of praise like Kirk I found this video to bring some amount of comfort to me in regards to Charlie’s death. I’m certain Charlie fished many of these spots too.

It’s a tad hard to explain… I’m just hoping wherever Charlie might be this is what he gets to see on a regular basis. If anyone deserves to fish for native cutthroat in spots like this for eternity it is Charlie Meyers. –TR