Dream Stream Area May Be Named After Charlie Meyers

Here’s an update that really warmed my heart. As you know, the great outdoors writer [Charlie Meyers passed away last month](/blogs/fishing/2010/01/outdoors-world- loses-legend-charlie-meyers). Whether you knew Charlie personally or not, his work, which spanned a remarkable 43 years at the Denver Post, made a lasting impact for all of us who appreciate the wild outdoors. Now the Colorado Division of Wildlife is proposing a worthy and permanent tribute–renaming a section of the Spinney Mountain Ranch State Wildlife Area, which contains one of the West’s most popular trout fisheries we now call The Dream Stream, “The Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area.” You can see the proposal here (in .pdf form).


I’d say that’s a slam dunk. My hat is off to Colorado Division of Wildlife Director Tom Remington and his colleagues for doing the right thing for the right reasons. I had the very good fortune to fish this water with Charlie often. It is a place he held sacred. And I get goose bumps thinking about the day I get to go back there and fish in “Charlie’s River.” You know, Charlie didn’t have the family fortune to will a vast ranch to Colorado. But he left a very powerful legacy of advocating for fishing, and protecting places we now enjoy… one that can’t be measured in acres. I cannot help but think if you get a chance to fish in this area, you’ll get exactly the impression of what Charlie Meyers was all about.

You can help to make this happen by voicing your support in an E-mail to wildlife.comm@state.co.us. Thanks.