Meet my new fishing buddy, Dylan Looze, from Round Rock, Texas… He is an intern with Trout Unlimited, who has joined me and the TU crew on a couple road trips as part of the Field & Stream “Best Wild Places” tour. (You’ll be hearing more from me about some gonzo adventures in the high country in the coming weeks… but it’s not my
turn yet, and besides, that’s not the point right now.)

The star of this show is Dylan, soon to be 19, with whom I was lucky enough to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, trading shots with dries, when he hooked his very first rainbow trout on a fly. My honor. But it gets much better…

Within the past several days, Dylan has hooked and landed: Brook trout, rainbows, brown trout, Colorado River cutthroat trout… and the extremely rare Apache trout, and Gila trout. Mind you, the young man had never been fly fishing for trout before this trip. There are, of course, no official records to track these things, but I’m willing to guess this be this might be the most stellar collection of trout species caught in consecutive days ever to launch a fly angler’s career. If there’s any better, I haven’t heard about it…
at least not yet.

The kid can cast, no doubt. But he also brings some genuine passion to this game. And that’s what makes this story shine. Then again, I’m at a point where I get far more fired up about people catching “the bug” than I am about anything that pulls on my line.

Question is… what’s next Dylan? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be good. Keep after it… I’ll fish with you any day. –Deeter

Photo by Kevin Cooley