One of the most common questions I get is: “I’m really into fly fishing, but the Mrs. (or Mr.) isn’t… so I’m wondering, where can we get away, where I can fish, and she/he can kick back or do other fun stuff… and we can both have a good time together in the evening?”

Another frequent inquiry I get: “Of all the places you fish, where is your favorite, and when is the best time to go?”

Those of you who have followed lately (especially the “Best Wild Places” dispatches) already know the answer to both questions. Southwestern Colorado. I especially like Telluride. I’ve long thought that, if I could live one month, over and over, in one place… it would be September in Telluride. It’s usually in the 60s or 70s and sunny in the daytime… near freezing (or below) at night… the aspen trees are shimmering gold… the rivers (San Miguel and Dolores) are usually low and clear, with trout eating hopper flies… elk are bugling on the mountains… and most of the touristas are back home.

For me, the prime time frame is usually the third weekend in September… which just so happens to coincide with my favorite musical happening in the mountains: the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival (… this time featuring a wide array of acts from George Thorogood to Susan Tedeschi to B.B. King. Fish all day in the San Miguel River (using hopper flies no less)… come back and kick it with a brew and some world class music in a world class setting…

I might just be there this year too.

If you want to go, this year or next check out Elevation Vacations (my fly fishing friend Paul Zabel is part of that mix) at, and they’ll hook you up. –Deeter