Trout Fishing photo

For the past few months I’ve quietly been searching for the perfect fishing destination story to pitch to the editors of Field & Stream, and today I think I found it

From the New York Times:

_Although Orvis Travel’s expedition yacht, the M.V. Atmosphere, leaves from Puerto Montt, Chile, once a week through April for adventure cruises through the fjords of Chile and Patagonia, the week of Feb. 28 to March 7 will have an extra feature. Peter Matthiessen, one of the co-founders of The Paris Review, an acclaimed naturalist and a fly-fishing enthusiast, will be onboard…

During this week only, Mr. Matthiessen will help guide participants on trips through locations like the Chonos and Guaitecas archipelagoes and Laguna San Rafael National Park. Passengers aboard the 150-foot-long ship, outfitted with a helicopter, jet boats, Zodiacs and sea kayaks, will have the opportunity to reach the most remote estuaries and backcountry for activities like trekking, whale watching, horseback riding, rafting and, of course, fly-fishing.

The cost? A mere $17,850 per person. And you know what? For once I think it’d be worth every penny. There aren’t many genuine literary legends left in this world, but Peter Matthiessen is one of them. And he loves to fish. Although the story lists some other guy as the flyfishing guide I’d make myself such a pest I’m pretty sure – nay, positive – Mr. Matthiessen would agree to go fishing just to shut me up.

It’s perfect. “A Day on the Water With Peter Matthiessen.” I think Field & Stream needs this story.” Of course, I’d need some new flyfishing gear and duds. Can’t go fishing with Peter Matthiessen wearing frayed cut-offs and an old Butthole Surfers t-shirt. And since it’s an Orvis cruise I’ll need some Orvis rods and such. But hey, that’s what expense accounts are for, right?