Guilty pleasure alert: I love Wheel of Fortune. I’ll gladly suffer through the Osteobiflex and Eggland’s Best Eggs commercials to see who lands on big money. Wheel is the king of themes, from Hawaiian to college, you name it. But boy, they must be hurting for ideas, because last week’s theme was “Gone Fishin’.” The funniest part of this was that the folks on the show probably waited months to get on air…and not one of them expressed any interest in fishing during their introduction. Instead of a Yankee Candle gift card spinning on the wheel during a prize puzzle, there was one from Cabela’s. Instead of sending lucky contestants to Cancun, they won trips to remote Alaskan salmon lodges.

But the prize that really got me was a trip to the Amazon for peacock bass. The Amazon! Not for nothing, but this is not an ideal place for Susie Homemaker, hubby, and the kids, especially if they don’t give a crap about fishing. Little Johnny might find more than a hermit crab when he starts lifting rocks in the jungle. How far is the nearest hospital? Plus, it would be just my luck that I’d book a week down there, my dream trip, and that crew shows up, turning serenity and desolation into Chuck E. Cheese.

Come on OLN, how about a real fishing game show that combines trivia with casting challenges and what not. You know we’d be in front of the TV with a beer screaming, “that’s a channel cat not a flathead you dummy!” You’d have thousands of guys signing up to contend. So I’ll leave you with some trivia. My buddy sent me the photos in this blog. This shark washed up in NJ last week. You tell me what it is. Winner gets a Sebile Koolie Minnow…which is a pretty sick (and pretty expensive) lure.