Shark Fishing photo

Here’s proof that the rookies always have the best luck. Just over a week ago, Texan Bill Walters endured a six-hour fight in the Gulf of Mexico with the mako shark above. At 1,149.5 pounds, the beast is currently in the running for a new all-tackle IGFA world record. It was only Walters’ second time fishing in saltwater. Here’s the full story.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I’d be excited or scared out of my mind when it came time to subdue this sucker. I’ve got nominal shark experience, but a fish like this brings the game to a whole new level. The video below is a great example of just how destructive and nasty a mako brought aboard can be, even when it’s got ropes around it and gaffs stuck in at every angle. And this fish is a fraction of Walters’ monster.

There are better videos out there, but I can’t post them because every other word is an F-bomb…and rightfully so. One shows the crew cowering in the cockpit as a mako flops, snaps, and destroys everything on deck. Early laughter changes to concern real fast. All they did was gaff it and bring it onboard with no ropes ready to tie it off. So could you get into “danger fishing” or would you prefer to stick to the bass pond?