Fisheries Conservation photo

From the Billings Gazette:

_A bill clarifying state law on public access to certain rivers and streams from county roads and bridges is headed to Gov. Brian Schweitzer for his expected signature. . . .

_”This is a great day for sportsmen and -women across Montana,” [bill sponsor Rep. Kendall] Van Dyk said. “This law will keep fishermen out of the courtroom and on the river where we belong. . . .”

_The bill, [Schweitzer] said, “will protect our Montana tradition of public access to our world-class blue ribbon trout streams and lets out of state landowners know that in Montana our streams and rivers are not for sale.”

HB190 provides that people may gain access to state waterways for recreational use by using a public bridge, right of way or abutment and a county road right of way.

Do you have the same type of access in your state? Do you wish you did?