It seems to me that most fishermen targeted or featured by angling media these days are young men in their 20s or 30s. This is a little odd because there’s a huge contingent of anglers who either are or soon will be financing their fishing with their social security checks.

Fellow geezers, take heart. You may be ignored but you’re not alone. Here are a few tips that will help as you limp your way along the shoreline.

Bifocal sunglasses: Forget your vanity and admit you need these. The days when you could tie good knots without them are either long gone or fast disappearing. There are lots of different polarized, bifocal glasses around now and some are fairly inexpensive.

Waders with zippers: If you’re looking for new chest waders, try to find a pair with a zippered fly. As you age, your prostate gland naturally enlarges. That means you will need that zipper desperately and often.

Find younger fishing friends: First, so someone else can do the heavy lifting on a fishing trip. Second, because they will likely outlive you, and you won’t be broken-hearted at the passing of yet another long-time fishing buddy.

Don’t cast while being watched: Younger anglers automatically assume that any graybeard wielding a fishing rod is an expert. Don’t disillusion them by casting when they can see what you’re actually doing.

Take a little kid fishing: First, this becomes your own excuse to fish with a bobber and worm. Second, seeing the joy in a young angler’s eyes will make you feel young again yourself, if only for a little while.

I know there are some other old geets who read this blog. Let’s hear some more tips!