So I’ve lucked into an exotic bass-fishing trip to a place known for monster largemouths. I need some advice from you bass guys. Rods, reels, and line aren’t a problem. But I need some lure suggestions.

Understand that I usually travel very light, even on major fishing trips, so space is an issue. I’d like to haul a major tackle box, but that’s out. I’ve got maybe one cubic foot of space for lures. And I need to cover everything from topwaters to deep-running cranks to soft- plastics.

The chances of double-digit largemouths where I’m going are excellent, but not without the right baits. Plastic worms and lizards, sure. But what sizes, brands, and colors? Same question for hardbaits. And what about hooks?

Any and all ideas are welcome. Just please be as specific as possible, because I’ve got to start shopping soon. For the time being, the destination is a secret. I’ve promised not to tell. But I’ll report here later on just what went down, and exactly how well your lures worked….