Saltwater Fishing photo

A wee update from Mexico. What, you think I’d come all the way to the East Cape of Baja on my honeymoon and not fish?

Walking the beaches we ran into Jeff Debrown of the Reel Baja – Baja’s expert for rooster fish on a fly, a group of anglers from, and a lovely lady named Kate who runs the blog Rogue Angels. That’s her arm with the bruise. A monster jack took her rod and reel for a ride giving her that lovely memento.

Oh, and many thanks to John Mazurkiewicz and Scientific Anglers for getting us dialed in on the perfect line for throwing at those picky fish. The Wet Tip clear lines were the perfect combination of stealth and sink. They were a heck of a lot easier to get off the water quickly then a full sink tip.

Enjoy the photos. TR