“Far Out” Island Fishing
“Far Out” Island Fishing


I can’t trick you folks, can I? Yes, the answer is Mayaguana, Bahamas. You all are pretty dialed in… I’ll have to up my game.

On this trip, I actually had a chance to hit three different islands–Crooked Island, Acklin’s Island, and Mayaguana– to sample the fishing. The photo was from Mayaguana. TimberDoodle, you were the name out of the hat, so hit me at editor@anglingtrade.com, and we’ll get you some flies.

These are some of the Bahamas’ “Out Islands.” I’m calling them the “Far Out” Islands because the fishing was just that.

Between Crooked and Acklin’s are roughly 1,000 square miles of flats. Crooked has a population of about 300 people, while Acklin’s has 500 residents. In other words, the fishing is virtually wide-open, and almost untapped. Mayaguana was great. I don’t have a favorite… do any of you?

I am planning a web feature to run in the next few weeks, where I’ll give the full fishing report, show a lot more photos, and get into the nitty gritty. I can tell you that the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is keyed on making the logistics to reach these islands much easier and more affordable (like a $50-$100 add-on hop for flights from Nassau).

Based on what I saw, I’m definitely planning a return. Maybe we could organize a Fly Talk trip.