Finally! The rivers are ice free, bugs are hatching and for the first time this season I’m unwrapping the raft. A bunch of friends are dragging our boats down to the Arkansas river this weekend for the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. It’s one of the first en masse movements of bugs in our state and we’ve all got cabin fever.

Yeah, we’ve had some BWO’s popping and next will be pteronarcys californica or the salmon flies (pictured above). They’re my personal favorites… It got me thinking though, what hatches, spawning runs, migrations, and bait busts have I never heard about. There’s the PMD spinner fall, the skwala hatch up in Montana, midge madness at Lee’s Ferry, the smelt run in Maine, the crab flush at Boca Grande, and worms hatching for tarpon in the Keys. What am I missing? Help a brother out here and give me some more to put on my life list?