Fly Fishing photo

No, Deeter isn’t going to come pick you up, drive to Alaska, and guide you for a week… Although I’m sure he’d love to. This opportunity comes to us by way of Alaska West fishing lodge and Deneki Outdoors. I just had to let the flytalk nation know about the chance to fish for a week in Alaska for free. Here’s the scoop…

…All you have to do is simply sign up for the Deneki newsleter online by July 15th. There’s no strings attached and you can unsubscribe after that date. I think they send updates in regards to the fishing for their lodges and a blog post maybe once a week. Pretty entertaining stuff actually… All I ask is that if you win you strongly consider packing me in your bag as I would love to catch moster rainbows, five species of salmon, char, and grayling sometime soon. Good Luck, and let us know if you win.