Exactly one year ago, I was deep in the heart of the jungle in Bolivia, on what proved to be an extraordinary fishing adventure. The trip led to a feature (“In Search of the River Gods”) in the July ’09 issue of Field & Stream, as well as this online story that ran last fall.

There’s something to be said, however, for actually seeing and hearing the wonders of this pristine environment. And now you can, thanks to this video by Mike Nelson and Henry Harrison, sent to me by my jungle angler friend Rodrigo Salles.

Appropriately titled “Kings of the River,” it captures the raw power of the remarkable freshwater dorado… most definitely the toughest, most beautiful river-swimming species I’ve ever caught. It also captures the sounds of the jungle, which I still hear in my mind, one year later…

Enjoy, but be warned there is a little spicy language, including the magic word that earns an automatic “R” rating for movies.

And some of you long-time Fly Talkers will be interested to see our old friend, writer and photographer Joey Lin in the video.

If, after watching this, you can think of another fish more deserving of the “King of the River” crown, I’d like to hear about it. For my part, I say “long live the mighty dorado.”


PS- If you want to go here and see it for yourself… see