I’m happy to kick off the week with this dispatch from Fly Talker Alex Pernice, who just returned from a kid’s fly fishing camp sponsored by Trout Unlimited:

“I just got back from a week with some guys from the Oak Brook TU camp on Michigan’s famous Au Sable River. We spent most of the time learning about how to fly fish a river and how this river system is managed. We had a few guests like Todd White, a graduate student from Michigan, who taught us about the bugs in the river (mayflies, Caddis flies, and other aquatic bugs and invertebrates). We also had a professor from Michigan State come and teach us about river hydrology and why it matters.


“We also got quite a bit of fishing in, and for all of those who did not know how to fly fish, they taught casting basics and catch and release practices too. We left with a knowledge of how to read a river, how to identify what was hatching, and fly casting and tying basics. All kids that went to this camp came home with a new fly rod and reel, flies and the knowledge acquired from their mentors, which hopefully will lead to all involved in the camp’s program and to enjoy fishing (specifically FLY fishing more). I think this camp is a great way to get your kids or anyone started on the great sport we all love, fly fishing.

“I would like to thank all of the mentors, kids, people that donated their time or money to make this possible, and all involved for making this a great experience for me, and I hope everyone else feels the same.

“Please click here to visit the camp’s website. I encourage all of you who want to make this great sport last, to please join Trout Unlimited.” –Alex Pernice

Congratulations to Trout Unlimited for running such an important program. I’d also encourage all of you to take a kid fishing this month… it’s only a few weeks until back-to-school time. One evening or afternoon can turn a young person on to fly fishing forever. I think anyone who really loves the sport understands the importance of fostering an interest and commitment among future generations…