Trout Fishing photo
Trout Fishing photo

Mondo Brown

Every once in a while, I see a fish that just floors me… leaves me bewildered, and lime green with envy. This is one of those fish…

I got wind of it from guide and writer David Rose from Michigan. Apparently guide Tommy Lynch nailed this mondo brown trout in the Pere Marquette river on a mouse fly at night. It’s a 30 incher.

There’s something that makes a catch like this extra-special…

And that is, for anyone who has fished the PM and rivers like it… you know (at least you suspect) that “Big Daddy” lives in some of those deep, dark runs… but you never see him. It takes that one special, celestial event, when everything lines up just right for you even to have the slightest, 1 in a million chance at a fish like this. And to connect and land it is, well, literally a lifetime achievement.

I mean, you can go to the ends of the world and catch big browns in Tierra del Fuego, or sit under some tailwater dam out West and catch mutant pig rainbow trout in the Toilet Bowl (literally the name of a run on the Frying Pan River).

But this is exceptional. I’ve always thought that catching a two-foot trout out West is about being in the right place at the right time. Doing so back East is the same… and about being a great angler as well.

So what’s your “life fish?” Goals… stories… and if anyone has a little more insights on this story, I’d like to hear it.