I can remember extreme excitement at the prospect of eating trout I caught on opening day when I was little. But the truth is that it was all fun up until the actual eating part, where I’d take two bites and opt for the french fries on the side. To be honest I’m still not a huge fan of trout, especially the stocked variety. One day when I have kids, I can only hope they’re as into eating fish as the lad in the video below.

I mean this kid is really going to town on that thing and apparently enjoying it. And dude, that’s a bluefish head. The freshest bluefish fillet hardly appeals to me, let alone the head full of oil. But maybe he’s onto to something here.

Hunters can get use out of almost every part of a deer if they so choose, so why not fishermen? The only trick I employ is filleting the meat out of the cheeks. Though you only get a bite, the cheek from a bass or salmon is quite a delicious morsel. Recently in Texas, I learned the art of preparing and cooking grouper throat. Also fine eating.

I looked up a few fish stocks on gourmet websites and the stuff isn’t cheap. So maybe it’s time to start saving a few bones and heads instead of feeding crabs and crayfish. Or maybe you have some other ideas. Have a great recipe for fins or swim bladders? – JC