Fishing Golf Course: Fly or Conventional?

The Orvis company has built an 18 hole “golf-style” casting course at the Orvis store in Bend, Oregon. Come September 18th they are launching what they are saying is the largest cash and prize fly casting competition in North America, giving away $10,000. It’s called the 2009 National Fly Casting Tournament.

The course has holes named Bonefish Flats, The Beast from the East, Wagonblast, and Black Butte Pond that seem to correspond to the casting style. It was designed for education, fun, and a unique opportunity to “practice essential casting skills before going fishing.” Here’s the part I find interesting…

…Orvis is allowing not only fly gear but any conventional gear as well for the course. Bait or spinning with plugs. No hooks or lures allowed. That’s right, Orvis – letting gear chuckers on their course. What has the world come to? 😉 This won’t be allowed for the competition, but normal day to day play.

Personally I think this could be a fun way to kill an afternoon with a few of your fishing buddies. Curious, if you went out the the course would you bring fly gear or conventional? Who would win, you buddy with a handful of fly rods or the dude with a couple of bait-casters?

Now if they only let you bring a cooler full of beer…