Without question, a large part of what makes fishing so appealing is the chance for the unexpected. Well, this Sunday, something incredibly unexpected happened…and my camera was rolling. Chad Love, who many of you know from our Field Notes blog, flew out from Oklahoma for a shot at his dream fish: tuna. He never caught one, but instead ended up boating a near 600-pound blue marlin, which in my opinion trumps any tuna in the ocean.

There’s not much more to say about this, as the video says it all. But I will tell you it was an honor and privilege to fish with Chad and be on that boat when such a once-in-a-lifetime fish hit a line. I can die happy having seen such a breathtaking sight. Whether you read Chad’s blogs or not, this man is owed some serious congratulations. If you’ve never seen the chaos that ensues when a fish like this is on, click the video and get ready. Enjoy the show! — JC