Just yesterday, Merwin posted a blog on essential items you should never forget to bring out on a boat. I might have a new essential item if the Bheestie Bags I received the other day do what they’re supposed to.

I have a terrible history of ruining electronic devices on fishing trips. I’ve burned I don’t know how many phones, a hand-held GPS, and most recently, $2,000 worth of video and still-camera equipent when some high-salinity water found its way into my dry bag. I baked all the gear on the dashboard of a fellow angler’s truck, but it didn’t matter. It was trashed. That was in Texas, and I had to waste a whole fishing day driving 67 miles in the lodge truck to the closest Best Buy. What can I say? I’m dedicated to my craft and wasn’t going home without a video.

Though there are all sorts of tricks for saving wet electronics (salt, bag of rice, etc.), Bheestie Bags weigh nothing, travel easily, and are loaded with beads that are supposed to draw water out like no other and hold it there without re-wetting the gear. I haven’t tried one yet, so I can’t swear they work, but $20 a bag is cheaper than replacing spent cameras and iPods or paying for cell phone insurance. Perhaps this could have saved me 2K a few months ago, but it’s a little late for that.

Are you a chronic soaker of pricey gizmos, or are you just more careful than I am? — JC