Wanna talk to other anglers in your geographical area or perhaps for an upcoming trip somewhere else? Get info, share stories, pictures, meet fishing buddies or get the low-down on guides? Check out GoFISHn…

GoFISHn is “where anglers connect,”. It’s a place where anglers can easily share stories and information, and small businesses who serve anglers can discover new customers and stay in touch with existing ones.

GoFISHn is distinctive in this realm (at least I think so) by bringing in a very clean and open design that’s easy to use, and it makes the creation of new content — whether it’s a quick status update or a photo gallery or a custom map — easy to create and publish.

They’ve created a way to review gear and ask/answer questions, both of which are integrated…

…in the “feed” of the member who participates. GoFISHn will also be linked to Facebook and Twitter so members can push anything they create on GoFISHn into their feeds at those social sites.

A beta test of the site continues until Dec. 1, and any small business that signs up between now and then will get the service free for six months, with no obligation after that. Individuals are invited to give the site a whirl as well.

To get a beta invitation, enter your name and email address in the fields in the lower left of the home page, and they’ll send an invite along.