Fly Fishing Predictions for 2010

We’ve all spent time reflecting on the good fishing season past, but what are your plans and expectations for the year ahead? In the name of light entertainment, here are the official Fly Talk Prognostications for the fly fishing world in 2010:

I predict that two major world record marks for fly-caught fish will fall in 2010–redfish, (the fish will be caught in February, in Louisiana), and bonefish, which will be caught off Oahu this summer. I predict that I will also hear about at least 40 obscure “line class” records, e.g. “alligator gar, on the fly, on 4-pound test,” and that I will not stroke the egos of the people who set those silly records by writing about them.

I predict that there will be no fewer than three trade shows for the fly industry which has failed to demonstrate a willingness or ability to properly support one trade show over the past several years.

I predict… and I am really going out on a limb here… that no fewer than three fly rod companies will introduce rods that they claim are “lighter, stronger, and easier to cast than ever before.”

I predict that several U.S. states will move to mandate the use of non-felt soles by wading anglers. I also predict more states moving to ban the use of lead split shot in sizes smaller than 1/2 ounce.

I predict, sadly, that 15 percent of the specialty fly shops that are in business today will not be in another year. In all seriousness, if you have some last minute shopping to do, take your business to your favorite fly shop… they need it.

I predict the tarpon guides in the Keys will complain about wind, the steelhead guides in Oregon will complain about water levels, the striper guides will complain about October crowds, and the Colorado guides will complain about Texans (behind their backs) at some point in 2010.

I predict that a book destined to transform the way we think about fly fishing– The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing–will be introduced in May. (Okay, that’s a shameless, self-serving plug. I predict you’ll see more shameless, self-serving plugs next spring.)

I predict the Copper John will be the number-one-selling fly worldwide.

And I predict Joe Cermele will try to come back to Colorado, if only to get me to say again on DVR what a good fly fisherman I think he is.

Here’s hoping you make some bold plans and predictions for fly fishing in 2010, and that at least some of the best ones come true.