I am by no means making light of the situation in Egypt, but had a good chuckle when my friend and publisher Jeff Galbraith over at The Flyfish Journal suggested heading over to fish Lake Nasser for giant Nile perch on the fly. He seems to think flights would be cheap and you’d have the water to your self.

Jeff says, “With the Nile perch being among the biggest freshwater gamefish to avail themselves to a fly, and all the faint-hearted scurrying to the US embassy… you could well have Lake Nasser all to your gringo self. Sure, you may have to brave massive protests, weird calvary-type counter protests, recently sprung prisoners, Anderson Cooper, and the other vagaries that go along with a 30-years-in-the-making social revolution, but again… the lake to yourself.”

In times of crisis I’m a firm believer that humor does wonders for the soul.

The video above by Mikey Wier and Burl Productions gives you a taste of what you’re in for. So, who’s with me?