When I set out a trail camera, I always do so with a purpose, usually to sneak a peek at a nice buck. But often these sets always contain surprises; unexpected shots of non-target critters than can be as enjoyable as the best deer pics. For example, last fall I had loads of entertainment when a cottontail rabbit made repeated visits to one of my mock scrapes!

My last post focused on a hopefully-real photo of a mountain lion shadowing a deer. The pic here is said to come from Arizona, where the cam-user placed his setup near a stock tank. As you can see, that camera caught a lot more than just game animals…it captured some interlopers one can only assume are thirsty illegal border-crossers. I found these especially interesting, as a good friend recently returned from visiting relatives (highly successful sheep/elk guides) in Arizona, and they reported finding a growing body of illegal activity near water tanks in the areas they hunt.

In a similar vein, a Wisconsin friend reported catching a neighbor trespassing on his property when the vagrant’s image popped up on a trail cam. Though the neighbor had long denied his wandering tendencies, the photo-proof was impossible to deny…and he vowed to mend his ways.

So how about you? Ever snapped a photo of interesting wildlife with your scout-cam? I’d love to hear the tales….Though I’ll ask you to provide proof if you claim to have a Big Foot snapshot in your album!