Opinion: Is Earn-A-Buck Really So Bad?

From the _Wisconsin State Journal:

_Many smart, concerned deer hunters are pleased the Department of Natural Resources suspended Earn-a-Buck rules for two-thirds of Wisconsin. . . . . [L]et’s not forget [however] that herds in roughly 25 percent of the state were below goal last fall, yet we killed 453,480 deer. . . . Not only was that the No. 10 kill in state history, it ranks No. 33 in our nation’s history, according to the “2009 Deer Hunters’ Almanac. . . .”

The fact is, many people don’t like EAB because it works. It shoves the herd closer to state-mandated goals, and it’s only used when lesser efforts fail. By attacking EAB, they ignore bigger problems facing the herd.

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