Whitetail Hunting photo

No one loves whitetails–and hunting them–more than me. But I refuse to give deer every month of my year. That is why God made turkey hunting, an addiction shared by many of my fellow whitetail geeks. And what better month for turkey hunters than April, when gobblers are singing and we get to speak at them in strange tongues and, occasionally, shoot one.

The picture above comes from my good friend Brian Lovett after a recent Texas turkey expedition. I’ve been fortunate to chase gobblers in some neat places, but when Texas is hot, it is tough place to beat. Last spring, reports from the Lone Star state revealed a jake population that bordered on the ridiculous…a situation which means that–barring disaster–the next spring’s gobbler hunt would be incredible. Two-year old longbeards typically make up the bulk of a turkey harvest, and when their numbers are high, everything that turkey hunters crave (lots of gobbling, working multiple birds, intense competition among male turkeys) is in place.

As Brian’s photo shows, all those last-year jake reports were been spot-on. This pic reminds me of those old deer camp meat-pole photos of yesteryear, when hunters found game abundant and the shooting spectacular. It puts a smile on my heart, and makes me anxious for the wonderful days of spring ahead! So how’s the gobbler hunting been in your neck of the woods?