Lots of deer hunters–myself included–complain that they aren’t good at finding sheds. After two of my buddies contacted me this week with more shed-hunting success stories, I have come to a simple, yet profound, conclusion; we are just trying too hard. Want to really start knocking down sheds? Start searching for something else.


As proof, a local buddy found his best shed of the season while doing field work on his farm. And the photo above was sent to me by an Illinois amigo, who found some dandy antlers while he and his wife were out seeking morel mushrooms. I don’t know about other areas of the country, but here in the Midwest the morel season is highly anticipated. Morels are not only delicious, but hunting them is fun. Even better, motivation is easy to come by: Even if you detest eating fungi, you can sell your ‘shrooms for great money (about $10 per pound last spring) to restaurants, grocery stores, or wholesalers.

And of course you will find antlers. Why wouldn’t you? You are in the woods, with your eyes on the ground. You’re taking your time. And most importantly…you’re not looking for the very thing you want to find the most! If we get two more warm days, I am heading for the timber on a morel mission. And I will certainly post any photos of the antlers I don’t intend to find…