Whitetail Hunting photo

Many years ago, I’d fall into a major funk at the end of deer hunting season. Behind me were the best four months of the year. Ahead were 32 weeks of interminable waiting. By mid-summer I was a mess; an agitated addict unable to get his favorite fix…


Then, like so many whitetail freaks, I realized that deer season did not have to involve only hunting. Off-season scouting became part of the mix, followed by shed hunting, then food plotting, and of course trail cams…which can be hung and checked any time. I still lament the last day of hunting, but the ache is surely eased by the knowledge that I no longer have to go cold-turkey from whitetails from winter to early fall.

The young lad in this photo is Ethan Greden, son of my friend Ross, a whitetail fanatic from my area. Ethan has the good fortune of being raised by a dad who takes his kids afield often, and on a recent morel mushroom hunt the father/son team managed a nice batch of mushrooms and a shed! I am guessing that Ethan has already learned that whitetail season is a year-round adventure. The shed hunt is basically over, but food plotting and trail cam seasons are literally days away! Today’s kids are so much better off than my generation…

And on a business note regarding the “Geography Quiz” contest, I have listened to your responses and agree; I am awarding a prize to the first guesser of the correct location…regardless of luck or skill. So, “deerhunter125” (who correctly guessed Buffalo County) needs to contact us with contact info to claim a prize. I am still giving something to guide365, to reward his sharp eye and knowledge of camo pattern. Thanks again to all who participated!