Whitetail Hunting photo

I appreciate the dozens of entries into last week’s “geography quiz” post, in which I asked you to identify the location of the whitetail harvest photo, using the hunter’s camouflage as your only clue. Answers were not only (literally) all over the map, they also included some humor…Thanks to Deep Woods”who surmised that the fine buck had been “shot in the chest.” I’m still chuckling!

Several keen-eyed posters arrived at the correct camo pattern. My friend, Billy Jerowski of Winona, Minnesota, was indeed wearing Bob Fratzke’s Winona Camo System clothing in this picture. For those unfamiliar, Mr. Fratzke was killing big whitetail bucks long before most of the current wave of celebrity hunters had even been born. Bob worked at the Winona Knitting Mills, and developed a highly successful, whisper-quiet, line of acrylic/wool clothing with an open pattern that was adored by many bowhunters.

Fratzke sold the line many years ago, and for the most part, Winona Camo is nearly impossible to find these days. Jerowski had the good sense to buy up a bunch of the stuff when Fratzke sold out, which explains the like-new appearance of the clothing in this photo.

Here’s the sticking point. Billy forwarded me several pics of great bucks he’s shot, including one killed in Winona County. But Jerowski also hunts in Buffalo County, Wisconsin (just across the Mississippi River), and I inadvertently posted a photo of a buck he arrowed there. So I am torn: Do I award the prize solely to Guide365, who was the first to nail the pattern, but was more vague about the kill site? Or do I include a lesser, prize to one of the posters who correctly–though inadvertently–guessed Buffalo County?

I’ll listen to your thoughts. They might sway me…they may not. In the meantime, Guide 365 needs to contact the web editor to claim his portion of the prize, or at least a share of it! Good work, all!