The buck pictured is a fine trophy in anyone’s book. Shot three years ago by a friend of mine (who shall, for the time being, remain anonymous), this whitetail comes from a region known for producing some pretty good bucks.

My question is…where was this buck shot? I’m going to ask you to be as specific as possible. If you’re a truly astute observer with keen critical thinking skills, you’ll be able to not only identify the state, but the county.

I will give you only this hint: Look at my friend’s camo. If you can make a positive ID of the brand, you should be able to make an educated guess as to the whereabouts of this photo.

The person who comes closest to nailing the location will receive a free prize (nothing fancy, just a goody-bag of miscellaneous deer nick-nacks) from my hunting closet. I will identify the winner in Monday’s post, then ask you to contact the website with your contact info, and I’ll ship the prize to your door.

Any takers?