From the PR Newswire:

_Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe today praised the House Game and Fisheries Committee and its chairmen. . . for its near unanimous approval of House Bill 97, which would increase penalties and fines for poaching. . . .

_Roe said that the causes of poaching vary, but the myth that most poachers are committing their offenses to provide food for their families is, in reality, almost never the case.

“Most often, poaching today is committed by criminals driving $30,000 vehicles, using expensive night-vision technology, illegal silencers and firearms,” Roe said. “Most commonly, the causes are simply greed [or] obsessive behavior in collecting antlers. . . . A disturbing and increasingly common cause is killing simply for thrill with no intention of making use of any part of the animal.”

Are you surprised to learn that the vast majority of poachers do not do so to feed their families? Is it a good argument for making the penalties stiffer?