Whitetail Hunting photo

In my mind, trail cameras are popular because they mirror hunting itself. Sure you stick out a camera hoping to get a “shot” at a big buck, but if that’s the only thing that trips your trigger, you’re not paying attention. Last winter I had multiple pics of a cottontail rabbit that visited a mock scrape on a nightly basis, and my favorite photo of the summer was of a button buck I nicknamed “White Sox.” Sporting four perfect little white bands above his hooves, and a chalk-white circle around each eye, he was quite possibly the prettiest whitetail deer I have ever seen.

So I was thrilled when I found the following clip. Taken from a camera set on video mode, it shows something I’ve never seen before; a pre-natal fawn pushing against Momma’s belly. Run the clip and look just in front of the doe’s hind leg. It lasts but a split second, but you should be able to spot the doe’s belly bulge as her fawn kicks from inside.


I like pics of big-antlered deer as much as the next guy…but it doesn’t get much cooler than a kicking fawn!