Whitetail Hunting photo

I enjoy a good deer hunting joke, and a fellow whitetail geek sent this to me recently. I thought a weekend post would be a good chance to share some humor, and I encourage you to reciprocate with a good deer joke of your own!

Anyway, a 10-point buck, an 8-point buck, and a nubbin were all hanging out on a field-edge one fall evening, nibbling grass and plucking acorns off a tree.

The 10-point turned to his buddies and said “You know, life is pretty good; I’ve got 10 does who hang with me and treat me pretty well. I’m happy!

The 8-point echoed the larger buck’s satisfaction. “I’m livin’ the dream! I’ve got four does and they’re the best!”

The button buck was about to brag about the one yearling he’d been courting when a monstrous 14-point buck trotted onto the field, his rack swaying as he stared menacingly at his smaller rivals.

“Whoa!” the 10-pointer breathed. “This isn’t lookin’ good for me! I wonder if giving him half my harem would keep me out of a fight?”

“Yeah,” said the 8-point. “I guess I could be pretty happy with two does if it would save me from bodily harm!”

Suddenly the button buck trotted brazenly to the middle of the field. He pawed the ground like a mad bull, then ran to woods-edge near the 14-pointer, where he rubbed his head raw against a tree, peed on his hocks, and snort-wheezed with all his might! Then he raced back toward the ten and the eight.

“What in the heck are you doing?” the two bucks wondered. “Are you tryin’ to get yourself killed?”

“Are you kidding?” the little buck said, his voice quavering. “I just want to make sure that big SOB knows I’m a buck!”