Yesterday was opening day of trail camera season for me. One of my friends was complaining of a bachelor group of bucks that was pestering him every evening, so I decided to hang a camera nearby and try to ID the perpetrators. Obviously, a gang of seven (7!) bucks that shows up nightly in the same field on summer evenings is up to no good. So I intend to keep tabs on their activities in case things get out of control.

Of course, the problem now is the waiting. This is the part of police work no one talks about. The tedium of biding one’s time while evidence is gathered and a case is made. In a few days I may have a mugshot that inspires me for fall. In the meantime I’m forced into watching videos like the one above.

Watch it and you will either see a wizard with a jig saw, or some of the best trick video I’ve ever witnessed. Ironically, this was sent to me by my sister Jo, who recently took up hunting. Jo proved herself an amazingly quick study by bagging a big gobbler in the first few days of her first-ever hunting season. Now she wants to deer hunt. Maybe she knows I am biding time between trail cam visits and desperately seek entertainment?