Compound Bows photo

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My local archery shop owner has a favorite saying: “There ain’t many of us as good as the bows we shoot.” There is a lot of truth in that saying, but it only truly comes home when you witness a truly great shot pick up a bow–preferably the same one you’re using–and really show his stuff.

Normally, I dismiss the idea of a “natural” shot. I feel that most good shots are made at the practice range, not formed in the womb. But truly great archers? That’s a different story. I think to achieve true excellence with a bow, you obviously need to practice relentlessly…but you also have to possess incredible eyesight and an uncanny feel about how a weapon handles. Both of the latter are gifts that some people don’t have and never will. I know because I am one of them.

The video above pictures a young man that can flat-out shoot a bow. Has he shot thousands of arrows to perfect technique? Of course. But I’m also betting he’s one of those rare few who has something special. I’m curious to hear your opinions after you watch the clip.