Snowsled Deer Slaughter Case Prompts New Legislation

From Wisconsin’s WBAY ABC 2 News:

_A Waupaca County judge suspended the felony case against Nicholas Hermes, one of three men accused of running down deer with snowmobiles. . . .

_Animal mistreatment charges were dropped against brothers Robby and Rory Kuenzi after two different judges ruled the men cannot be charged with both illegal hunting and animal mistreatment.

_The state Department of Justice is appealing those decisions.

State lawmakers are also stepping in, angry that there’s an apparent loophole in the laws.

_A number of legislators are drafting bills to make it clear that intentionally killing wild animals with motor vehicles is an act of cruelty . . . .

_Kaufert himself has drafted a bill making it clear wild animals do fall under the animal cruelty statutes. . . .

“The bottom line is this: I don’t think there’s anyone around who would say a snowmobile is a legitimate way to go deer hunting,” Kaufert said.

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