Um, I’m going to just post the story now. . . .

From the Canwest News Service:

_Janet Schwartz thinks of Bimbo as her baby. A baby that happens to be a five-year-old deer.

_But the provincial Environment Ministry says the Ucluelet woman can’t legally keep wildlife as a pet, and is asking Schwartz to release the doe back into the wild — or to an animal-rehabilitation centre.

_”I love her and I don’t want to lose her,” said Schwartz. . . .

_”She’s like a real baby. She cuddles up to me all the time, eats the same food I eat, stays in my house and sleeps in my bed at night,” said 67-year-old Schwartz.

“She loves to dance. She loves Elvis Presley. I put Elvis Presley on and she’ll dance. Her back end will sway.”

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