The Price of Fine Trail Cam Shots

I have been messing with a variety of trail cameras this summer. This field-testing involves several makes/models from different price ranges, mainly so I can make reasonably intelligent commentary about what you can expect for your money. It has been an interesting project….and it gets me out in the woods and fields!


The basics of what I’ve found are not surprising; you get what you pay for. For example, the photo above is one of the prettier pics ever shot by a trail camera that I placed, and I believe the camera–not me–gets the credit. First, a disclaimer: In my opinion, the very best (meaning prettiest) cam-pics almost always involve day-time deer at close range. And truth is, there are many models that can snap a gorgeous image of a buck at sunrise from 10 yards away.

That said, I have been wowed by the Reconyx I have been testing this summer. It took this photo, which is one of my favorites. What I didn’t have room to show you is the 20-plus photos of these same deer the camera also captured in this sequence. In my experience, this camera has the fastest trigger and most sensitive detection system of any brand I’ve used. Of the bucks that have walked in front of it, I can’t think of a one that I didn’t have multiple pics of.

The downside, of course, is money. This model retails for $650, more than twice the price of most mid-range cameras. Is it worth it? I’ll withhold my opinion and you be the judge. If my experience means anything, the Reconyx WILL not only get every deer that walks (or runs) past your camera, it will likely give you multiple shots and excellent quality. So is that kind of performance worth the steeper price, or would you rather spend less money and get more cameras…or some other needed hunting gear?

Anxious to hear your thoughts!