Whitetail Hunting photo

Ok, is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the home of a nuclear site I don’t know about? Several weeks back I posted photos of (and a video link to) a giant whitetail sent to me by Sioux Falls resident Bill Corbet. That monster buck had been filmed in velvet and photographed in hard antler living happily in a no-hunting zone within the city limits.

So when a pic of a huge buck–one that had been (reportedly) killed by a vehicle in Sioux Falls–landed on my desk this week, I jumped to the hasty assumption that Bill Corbet’s buck was dead. But when I called Corbet to offer my condolences, he said “if he’s dead I haven’t heard about it. Last I know he was alive and well. Send me the picture you’ve got.”

Well I did, and Bill called me back minutes later. “Not him,” he said, obviously relieved. “Compare that buck’s rack to the one I sent you. There’s no way that’s the same deer.” And of course Bill is right, a fact proven by comparing nothing more than the right sides of these two tremendous racks.

corbet buck

corbet buck

Alright, I get the big-metro-buck thing up and down. They can’t be hunted (or hunted much), so they grow older. But even when bucks grow old they don’t always sprout antlers like these two giants. Which brings us to the conclusion that there is one incredible gene pool in this slice of the world…or a nuke plant I’m unaware of.