The one rarely-spoken truth about shed hunting is this; it can be a fantastic activity for hooking future whitetail nuts. Of course taking your kids on an actual deer hunt is a hoot, but it can also be frustrating, depending on the nature of the youngster. Some kids can handle watching a deer-less field for a couple of hours, others get twitchy and wonder why stuff isn’t happening as quickly as it does on your hunting shows. And then there’s the weather…

But shed hunting is an active pursuit. In my experience, most kids want to be doing something, and of course the biggest part of finding sheds is simply walking and looking. Pretty easy concept for a young mind to wrap around. When I started my kids out, I went to a little food plot, verified there were a couple sheds there, and waited for a nice afternoon. We “hunted” for only about 20 minutes before Brooke and Bailey found the two antlers. They spent the rest of the time examining deer tracks (and poop), bird nests, raccoon hair, a dead mouse, and…well, you get the picture. We hit that little field every spring now.

The joys of such experience are not lost on the two youngsters in this photo, sent to me by my good friend Ross. Among the eight sheds found by Josie and Dawson on Valentine’s Day was this matched set. Estimated score? About 38″ B&C. From the smiles in this photo, I get the feeling Ross will have plenty of shed hunting help in the years to come.