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From the _Pennsylvania’s The Morning Call:

This past September, 170 hunters, most of them from the United States, lost their deposits for caribou hunts from a bankrupt outfitter in Quebec. Tuttulik was the name of the outfitter, a native-owned company. Many of the hunters had paid in full. . . .

_An estimated $1 million is gone with no explanation.

We also received a letter from reader Ryan Holt, who’s hunt with Tuttulik was canceled, and who writes in part: __

My group was notified of the cancellation only 8 days before we were to depart to Montreal. Since this event, there has been no communication to any of the hunters, either from Tuttulik or the Quebec outfitters association. No refunds, no rescheduled hunts, nothing.

Tuttulik was reported to have been filing for bankruptcy, this has not been done. The money and dreams of many hunters who worked hard and saved for over two years for this hunt are gone. . . . I am merely writing you to make you aware and to make a plea to pass the word so that other hunters are not taken advantage of.

Thanks, Ryan.