BuckTracker: Path to Enlightenment?
BuckTracker: Path to Enlightenment?


Blood trailing is a critical skill for all deer hunters, but especially bowhunters. When trails get difficult–as they occasionally do–we’re all looking for something to help unravel the mystery. Not long ago, Wisconsin guide Scott Kirkpatrick sent me info on BlueStar ™ a product offered by a company called Blood Finder of NH.

Apparently BlueStar has been used widely in police forensic work and is now being used for hunting applications. BlueStar comes in pill form. You mix the pills with water and the resulting solution is a “reagent” that makes blood turn a luminescent blue. According to the Bloodfinder website, even colorblind hunters will be able to spot blood after it’s been hit with BlueStar.

Has anyone had any experience with this product? I’d enjoy hearing about if so. If not, it might be something worth a try for next fall’s hunting season, especially on those night-time tracks on poorly-bleeding deer.