BuckTracker: Midwest Three-Peat

There must have been something in the water in the upper Midwest last fall. Three state-record archery non-typical bucks were shot, all within the span of about a month. The Minnesota mark was the first to fall when Ben Spanjers shot “The Hokah Legend,” in early October. Only a few weeks later, Iowa bowhunter Kyle Simmons tagged a monstrous buck that would net 275-5/8″, toppling the Hawkeye State record. Then in early November, Wisconsinite Bob Decker killed the by-then-famous “Field & Stream buck” that would score 233-3/8″ and claim Badger state honors.

These bucks–and the hunters who took them–were all in one place when the North American Shed Hunter’s Club (NASHC) held their annual show in Wisconsin last weekend. By all accounts, Spanjers, Simmons, and Decker are, to a man, about as gentlemanly and humble as they come. Combine those qualities with their jaw-dropping bucks, and I’m guessing the NASHC show was one very cool gathering. I’m making it a point to attend next year! By the way, these pics are courtesy of The Midwest Hunter, a great hunting site that’s on my list of “favorites.”