Whitetail Hunting photo

I don’t normally use this space for public service announcements, but today is different. My friends know me as a preacher of tree stand safety, and now you get the sermon. First, if you hunt long enough from an elevated platform, odds are good (about 33% from most estimates) you’ll fall. Those that don’t are either lucky or smart. Please take my advice and don’t gamble.

End of sermon. That was easy, wasn’t it? Here’s something even simpler: take a 15-minute online course on tree stand safety that I’m convinced will make us all better, safer tree stand users. The folks at HunterExam.com, HE Tools and the Tree Stand Manufacturers Association (TMA) have teamed to assemble a mini-course on the subject. Click here to check it out.

The course is short, easy to follow, and full of good information on basic stand safety principles, as well as specific rules that apply to fixed stands, climbers, and the ever-popular ladders. Better yet, there is solid information on what to do in case you fall while wearing a safety harness. I’ve been crawling up and down trees for over three decades, and even this old dog learned some new things. So do me a favor and take this mini-course, please. And feel free to report your graduation here!